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The story of Julia, a young Middle Eastern woman and her men.  After a failed first marriage, she is engaged to Jean-Claude, a Swiss banker, and accidentally runs into an old flame whom she had met during a year-end trip to Morocco.  A seething love affair ensues and she is torn between her love for the two men who both want to marry her. The banker offers her a stable future, but she is rather doubtful about a future with the younger Luis, an Argentinian heartthrob. Julia’s exhaustive double life goes on for a few months until an unexpected event complicates her dilemma and, in desperation, she turns to her first husband, whom she happens to meet on a trip up the Nile River.

This intriguing tale of love, passion, and forgiveness starts in Egypt of the 1950s and takes twists and turns through Morocco and Europe of the 1960s with a surprise ending in the United States.


Excerpts of reviews:

“Hinaekian is deft in describing the latent sexual tension that exists between men and women.  Of Julia and Men tantalizes, exploring each naughty corner of Julia’s relationships – and of the relationships of her lovers with other women. The novel is a fabulous fun page-turner that dives headlong into the sometimes murky waters of adult relationships.”  Clarion/Foreword Review by Claire Foster *****


“In this spicy romance, Julia grapples with a moral dilemma when she lusts for two very different yet equally exciting men, knowing she must hurt one of them in the end. It also has the requisite elements of a fantasy escapade:  exotic locales, a likable heroine and ripped men. The writing is hypnotic lulling readers with the rhythmic and repeated ideas. It features a compelling pace and hot sex scenes.” Blue Ink Review


“A debut romance featuring a seductive female protagonist reluctant to settle for just one man. Hinaekian’s novel centers on Julia – a young artist raised in Cairo who has dreams of escaping old fashioned Egyptian genre norms and living life as a free, liberated woman. Julia ruminates on her moral and emotional inner turmoil when she falls in love, and becomes intimate with two men at the same time. Hinaekian’s novel stars entertaining and vibrant characters – particularly the protagonist. A tryst-y erotic novel.”  Kirkus Review


“”Of Julia and Men is an erotic romp. The story of a sensual, strong-willed talented woman artist with a libido that finds her in Europe, the US and the Middle East.  Julia is restless for adventure and lusts for passionate sex and a secure marriage, putting her at odds. Her erotic pursuit for the perfect man takes her into sophisticated social circles. Her seeking takes place during the liberated 60s and 70s were Julia kindles assignations with lovers and suitors alike.  Of Julia and Men, a bodice ripper of a book is a pleasure to read. Hinaekian brings alive the erotic exploits of this modern and bewitching woman.” Review by Frances Roberts-Reilly.