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authorOf Armenian origin, Peggy Hinaekian was born and raised in Egypt. Her paternal grandfather owned the largest private library in Egypt and Peggy was introduced to books in three languages (English, French and Armenian) at a very young age.  She grew up in a cosmopolitan environment and was an avid reader.  She kept a journal since the age of twelve, was editor of her high school newspaper and wrote essays and short stories in English. She immigrated to the United States with her first husband where she pursued a career in fashion design and fine arts.  After her divorce, she moved to Geneva, Switzerland and worked in one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations and, in parallel, furthered her artistic career which took off in leaps and bounds internationally. She remarried and lived in Geneva with her present American husband and their two sons.  After their sons went to college in the U.S. and took up residence there, Peggy and her husband also moved to be closer to them. They now divide their time between California and Florida with a yearly trip to Switzerland for an exhibition of Peggy’s art in one of the galleries she is associated with. Peggy is a well established, internationally recognized artist with numerous exhibitions on three continents.

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Peggy published her first novel entitled “Of Julia and Men” in November 2015. It was included in the New York Times Book Review Magazine under “Discover New Titles – Great Stories, Unique Perspectives.”  The novel is not entirely fictional but the international settings are authentic. The illustration of the etching on the cover of the book as well as the 26 images of the etchings inside, in front of each chapter, are Peggy’s artwork.

The cover illustration, entitled “Girl on a Flying Carpet”, is very a propos to the story as the female protagonist is jumping from one man to the other.


The original signed and numbered etchings may be purchased directly through the author by emailing her at:


Peggy’s short stories are included in the 5th, 6th, and 7th editions of The Guilded Pen, Anthologies published by the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild. Available on and